The Rules Of Forums!!!

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The Rules Of Forums!!!

Post by RDX^ $nAk3 {3y3!s} on Wed Dec 09, 2015 2:23 pm

Hello Every one

This is the official Community Forum Rules of the The Red Dragons.

!-There should be no spamming in any topics if there are any spams found in any topics they    will be moved to the spam centre.
2-No racism should be in this forum if anyone is found doing that they will get a permanent ban.
3-There should be no attacks on political or religious figures.
4-No incentive comment or Abuse to anyone or on any topic.
5-If there is an admin troubling you u should post it on admin abuse portion.
6-There should be no multiclanning for the clan members it is strictly prohibited on this Forum, If anyone is found then they will get a permanent ban.
7-In order to join the clan one should apply on the clan membership area with the correct format.

Thank you All
$nake 3y3!

RDX^ $nAk3 {3y3!s}

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